Terms & Definitions

Accountmeans all session notes, personal information and other details provided by you as part of accessing or using the Platform.
Employee or you

means a person who is entitled to access the Platform and use the Services under an Employer’s agreement with Oliva or anyone else who access the Platform and or uses the Services.


means an Employee who has been defined as a Manager by the Employer and to whom Oliva provides specific Services (as defined below).

Oliva or we

means Oliva Health Ltd, the owner and operator of the Platform with registered officeEvolution House, Iceni Court, Delft Way, Norwich NR6 6BB 34b York Way, London N1 9AB, United Kingdom and company registration number 13045706.


means an organisation which agrees with Oliva to make the Services available via the Platform to people who have an employment relationship with that organisation


means the websites and software at https://www.oliva.health https://olivahealth.app and at any other associated website locations, and the services available through them.

Mental Health Professionals

includes, but is not limited to, consultant psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, psychological wellbeing practitioners, coaches and psychologists who provide Support in the form of mental healthcare guidance, counselling and therapy services.


means the services which Oliva provides through the Platform, being; 1. the facilitation of electronic communications with Professionals; 2. the provision of electronic session scheduling, rescheduling, cancellation and reminders; 3. the provision of electronic assessments to obtain the necessary background information and match you with a Mental Health Professional; 4. the storage of session notes; 5. the provision of other information about Oliva and our products and services. 6. Emotional intelligence training for Employees who have been defined as a Manager For the avoidance of doubt, it does not mean the provision of health care or medical services. The Platform is a technology platform that facilitates interactions between Employees and Professionals.


the terms and conditions set out in this document.